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Setting up Sysinternals

Whilst Sysinternals can be downloaded and ran from the location to which they are extracted to, there is more preferable way to install on a system in which they will be used more frequently. Download Sysinternals from: Extract the downloaded zip contents to: C:\Program Files (x86)\SYSINT Extracting to this directory is useful for white-listing Run […]

Telnet response when connecting to the website

IIS Server Header Hardening

You may want to remove the server version from your HTTP response for security reasons, there are a couple ways you can go about this depending on how the header is being handled. Microsoft-HTTPAPI/2.0 If you are seeing the Server header Microsoft-HTTPAPI/2.0 then the header is being managed by HTTP.SYS driver and is not being […]

Kali Linux

Running TOR on Kali | The proper way

TOR shouldn’t be run as root. Many guides gloss over this by removing the root check in the start-tor-browser.desktop file, here is the better way: Create a new user: adduser –home-dir /home/kali kali Download and extract TOR from Add the newly created user to the xhost file: xhost si:localuser:kali Copy the extracted TOR files to the […]

Kali Linux

Setting up OpenVPN on Kali

Here is how to set-up OpenVPN on Kali. The process is (unsurprisingly the same for Debian), steps below: Obtain OpenVPN certificates, key and openvpn.ovpn files from the provider ca.crt: This is the certificate of the certification authority client.crt: This is the user certification file  client.key: This is your private key file openvpn.ovpn: This is your OpenVPN configuration file Rename the openvpn.ovpn config […]

Output from the script.

Finding pwned emails with HIBP and Powershell

This small project uses Troy Hunts’ Have I Been Pwned fantastic (API) service along side a PS module which parses the JSON from the API. The purpose of this script is to read in emails addresses from file and then check them against HIBP to see if they are apart of any breaches or public […]

Finding users in AD and adding to distribution group

I had a scenario in which a group of users needed to be added to a distribution group hosted on Exchange online. So I thought Id made a little script which pulls users from the local Active Directory; checks them against the distribution group and if they are not present, adds them. You may want […]

WSUS Server Cleanup Wizard Crashing/Timing out

Whilst trying to cleanup and remove older Windows updates to free up space on my WSUS box I ran into the issue of WSUS crashing with the following exception: The WSUS administration console was unable to connect to the WSUS Server Database. Verify that SQL server is running on the WSUS Server. If the problem […]

Connecting to Windows Internal Database (WID)

Whilst trying to figure out issues with a service which uses Windows Internal Database (WID) I came into the issue of actually connecting and managing it… Steps to connect to WID: Download and install Microsoft SQL Server Manager (found here) onto the machine hosting the instance Run Microsoft SQL Server Manager (SSMS) as Administrator (if […]

Minecraft Server Process Monitoring – PowerShell

About The script was created to monitor a Minecraft server process on the host server (in this case Windows 2016). I also wanted the script to be capable of logging when the server started and stopped (intentionally or not). The script checks every 5 seconds to see whether Java is running, in the case Java […]