Finding users in AD and adding to distribution group

I had a scenario in which a group of users needed to be added to a distribution group hosted on Exchange online. So I thought Id made a little script which pulls users from the local Active Directory; checks them against the distribution group and if they are not present, adds them. You may want […]

WSUS Server Cleanup Wizard Crashing/Timing out

Whilst trying to cleanup and remove older Windows updates to free up space on my WSUS box I ran into the issue of WSUS crashing with the following exception: The WSUS administration console was unable to connect to the WSUS Server Database. Verify that SQL server is running on the WSUS Server. If the problem […]

Connecting to Windows Internal Database (WID)

Whilst trying to figure out issues with a service which uses Windows Internal Database (WID) I came into the issue of actually connecting and managing it… Steps to connect to WID: Download and install Microsoft SQL Server Manager (found here) onto the machine hosting the instance Run Microsoft SQL Server Manager (SSMS) as Administrator (if […]

Minecraft Server Process Monitoring – PowerShell

About The script was created to monitor a Minecraft server process on the host server (in this case Windows 2016). I also wanted the script to be capable of logging when the server started and stopped (intentionally or not). The script checks every 5 seconds to see whether Java is running, in the case Java […]

Automating Log File Archiving – PowerShell

The purpose of this PowerShell script was to automate the cleaning of logs files by zipping them and shipping them to another folder or drive, but to also give the option to delete the source files after being processed. The script has the option to group the files by the day they were written or […]

Mobile Friendly Website Design – Hallgate Timber

This project is a follow up from my previous post “Hallgate Timber Website Remodel“. Whilst my previous website design met the criteria put forward to myself, requirements had changed and to accommodate the changing criteria another website overhaul was needed. A number of new requirements included; Dynamic menu, Website contact form, SEO overhaul and most […]

Definition of how the entities within the database relate

Database normalisation and informal guidelines

Database Normalisation and informal design guidelines follows on from “Database planning of modules and mechanisms“, this time I am required to apply Normalisation upon my database design, discuss the Four informal design guidelines that may be used as measures to determine the quality of relation schema design as well as show sample SQL statements. Table […]

Entity-Relational (ER) model

Database planning of modules and mechanisms

You have been contracted to design a database for a car rental company called “Lincoln Vehicle Rent” based in Lincolnshire. The company needs to provide full rental service which includes keeping track of customers, cars, orders and staff. Your database solution should offer the opportunity for customers to specify particular parameters about what they are […]

What a packet being dropped looks like in the trace file

PACS Network Optimisation – Dissertation Project

Abstract This project aims to address PACS network optimisation, as it is being increased in clinical use. More data is being transmitted across PACS network environments which may include patient records or patients’ medical images. Without optimisation the network may suffer performance issues.  This project plans to design and implement different topologies for the PACS […]