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Database normalisation and informal guidelines

Definition of how the entities within the database relate

Database Normalisation and informal design guidelines follows on from “Database planning of modules and mechanisms“, this time I am required to apply Normalisation upon my database design, discuss the Four informal design guidelines that may be used as measures to

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Database planning of modules and mechanisms

Entity-Relational (ER) model

You have been contracted to design a database for a car rental company called “Lincoln Vehicle Rent” based in Lincolnshire. The company needs to provide full rental service which includes keeping track of customers, cars, orders and staff. Your database

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PACS Network Optimisation – Dissertation Project

What a packet being dropped looks like in the trace file

Abstract This project aims to address PACS network optimisation, as it is being increased in clinical use. More data is being transmitted across PACS network environments which may include patient records or patients’ medical images. Without optimisation the network may

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PACS Network Optimisation – Project Proposal

A PACS network in its simplest form, containing a scanner, PACS storage and 2 workstations.

Introduction A Picture Archive Communication System (PACS) is a system which is comprised of medical imaging scanners (for example: CT or MRI scanner), storage mechanisms, information communication technologies, displays and clinical workflow. A PACS network is the combination of PACS systems

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Digital Image Processing – Matlab

(a) Image 4.jpg before median and Gaussian filter (b) after median and Gaussian filter

Write a program in MATLAB that perform the following tasks for all the images: 1. Identify the type of noise in the image and seek a way to remove the noise. The program at this stage should generate a de-noised image.

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Hallgate Timber Website Remodel

The Hallgate Timber website remodel is a project I am undertaking whilst working at the company, it is an in-house project which is allowing for constant feedback from the client. This project will be the first web-development project undertaken since

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